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Markets Change.
Our Time-Tested Principles Don’t.

Investing for retirement or college? Acquiring a large financial sum through a sale or inheritance?

Need assistance making major financial decisions?

These are just a few examples of significant life events that require proper planning and guidance. At Investment Planning Associates, Inc. (IPA), we help clients gain clarity on their long term financial outlook while managing their investable assets using a sensible, disciplined approach. Our goal is to remove the uncertainty around major life decisions and to help clients live comfortably with their investments through economic and market cycles. 

IPA is a fee-only financial planning firm that adheres to a set of disciplined investment principles and practices based on a thorough understanding of the financial markets and history’s most successful long term investors. Based in Rockville, MD, we serve clients with investable assets over $250,000 both locally and nationwide.

Our Ironclad Values


Our fee-only structure minimizes any conflicts of interest and assures our clients there are never any hidden fees.


As CFP® professionals, we abide by the fiduciary standard, meaning we always put our client’s interest first.


In business for nearly 30 years, we have helped hundreds of clients plan for their long term goals and manage their investments in accordance with those goals.

An Experienced Fiduciary
With a Sensible, Principled Approach

Providing High Quality Service to Families and Individuals for Decades

IPA was founded in January 1990 to provide sensible, low-cost financial planning and investment management services to individuals. As a registered investment advisor, IPA’s objective is to deliver reasonable risk-adjusted rates of return given each client’s specific risk/return objectives and prevailing market conditions.

IPA's longevity (28 years and counting) is due to the leadership of Jay P. Levin and Ari Wiener. Working together, we have survived many up and down market cycles, all while remaining true to our core principles. We help clients behave rationally through the inherent short term volatility of the financial markets. 

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Meet Your Team

Jay P. Levin, CFP® Photo

Jay P. Levin, CFP®

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Jay P. Levin, CFP®

As owner and president of IPA, Jay P. Levin has 33 years of experience in the investment advisory business. Before founding IPA in January 1990, he worked in New York for five years with Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette and Cowen & Co. advising institutional investors. Mr. Levin’s academic credentials include an MBA in finance and investments from the University of Texas at Austin and a B.S. in Economics from Towson State University. A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, he is a member of NAPFA (National Association of Personal Financial Advisors) and FPA (Financial Planning Association). Mr. Levin has also been a frequent public speaker on his areas of expertise.

Ari Wiener, CFP® Photo

Ari Wiener, CFP®

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Ari Wiener, CFP®

Serving as vice president of IPA, Ari Wiener has six years of experience in the investment advisory business. He joined IPA in November 2020. Before joining IPA, he worked for TIAA-CREF, Charles Schwab and Co., Capital One Bank and New York Life. Mr. Wiener’s academic credentials include a B.A. in Economics from the University of Maryland College Park in 2012. Mr. Wiener is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.

Helping Clients Make Financial Decisions for the Long Term

Financial Planning

At what age am I able to retire? Can I maintain my current lifestyle now and through retirement? Am I invested appropriately to reach my long term goals? Our financial planning services provide clarity around questions like these, while also presenting key information to assist you in making major financial decisions.

Through our financial planning work, our primary goal is to provide clarity and key information to use as a framework when considering decisions that have meaningful financial implications. As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS,™ we take a comprehensive approach when creating your financial plan, taking into consideration many factors that can impact the long term results. This helps to identify key information so that you understand the actions necessary to help achieve your goals. We aim to organize and simplify your financial picture so that your assets work effectively toward reaching your long term goals. Our financial planning services include:  

Retirement Planning

Our Retirement Capital Analysis helps determine the longevity of your assets based on your personal financial assumptions and various market scenarios. Additionally, it will highlight strengths and areas for improvement in reaching your long term goals. 

College Planning

With college costs continually on the rise, helping a loved one with that expense requires sufficient planning. We assist you in determining a savings plan, ensure you are using the appropriate investment vehicle and create a portfolio aimed at reaching your college funding target.

Go-to Resource with Other Advisors

We work with your CPA, attorney, insurance agent and other advisors to ensure proper communication and coordination of your financial situation.

Actively Managed & Uniquely Tailored Investment Portfolios 

Investment Management

IPA uses high quality, no-load bond and stock mutual funds as its primary investment vehicle. Our investment philosophy focuses on a long-term, disciplined approach based on time tested investment principles. We use a strategic asset allocation based on investment guidelines specific to each client’s goals and risk tolerance. Changes to the allocation are made in response to changes in our clients’ lives and not from short term fluctuations in the market.

A Time-Tested Approach for Maximum Long-Term Results

IPA’s investment principles are based on a thorough understanding of successful investment practices over many years. These include:

  • Broad diversification
  • Strategic asset allocation (no market timing)
  • Use of high-quality, no load mutual funds
  • Risk management
  • Low turnover
  • Low investment costs
  • Minimize taxes 

The minimum portfolio size for direct management is $250,000 and includes development and implementation of the initial investment plan, ongoing monitoring and administration of your portfolio, annual rebalancing, and upgrading of investments as needed. We require client approval of all investment recommendations for a minimum of one year, at which time that requirement may be waived at the clients’ request. We provide quarterly performance reports and an in person annual review to help you monitor your investment performance and recommend changes as needed. Additional meetings throughout the year are available at the clients request.

Strategies to Keep Your Finances Safe

At IPA, we use multiple strategies to help manage risk in your portfolio:

Investment Planning

Through in depth conversations with you, we determine investment guidelines specific to each client. These guidelines are the basis for your portfolio construction and helps create a well thought out portfolio in which each investment serves a particular purpose. This systematic planning helps you live more comfortably with your investments through market cycles. 

Strategic Asset Allocation

We use a strategic asset allocation based on client specific risk and return guidelines. This asset allocation does not change based on market fluctuations, but only in response to changes in our clients lives. We do not participate in speculation, which is the buying and selling of investments in an attempt to predict short-term movements. 

Long-Term Investing

Successful investing results from owning high quality investments over a long period of time in order to take advantage of the power of compound interest. The most important determinant of investment success is the amount of time invested, not the timing of when the investment is made. 

Mutual Funds

As the primary investment vehicle in all of our client portfolios, mutual funds offer broad diversification, access to the best investment talent available, abundant choice, low fees and liquidity. We identify mutual fund managers with the best track records and assemble an all-star team of them for you.

A Fully Transparent Fee Structure

IPA’s fee-only structure looks to minimize the conflict of interest inherent with a commission-based advisory model. Our fee-only structure ensures that there are no hidden fees and allows us to provide objective, unbiased advice that is in your best interests.

Our compensation is derived from management fees based on a percentage of assets under management. This fee includes both our financial planning and investment management services.

Keeping Financial Planning and Investment Management Simple



All of Your Essentials in One Place

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